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Learn How L’oreal Professionnel STEAM POD has changed the way you will style your hair forever

L’oreal Professionnel STEAM POD offers both a treatment and style in one service. Your hair will be frizz free and humidity proof until your next wash. All these great benefits and can be done in less time than a blow dry and flat iron.


So How Does this work?

1. A Pro Keratin cream and serum is added to your hair before you blow dry your hair until it is 80% dry

2. The STEAM POD iron that looks like a steam station for your clothes but much smaller can be temperature adjusted to suit the sensitivity of your hair and the desired style you are looking for (sleek or volume)

3. As the STEAM POD iron is worked through the hair, the anodized ceramic floating plates deliver a continuous flow of high pressured steam, allowing the pro-keratin to penetrate the hair cuticle.

4. Hair can be styled with volume and bounce or super straight. Either way your hair remains frizz free until your next wash.

5. STEAM POD can be done in salon or the system can be purchased for at home use at anyone of our Yourspacesalons.


We love this new tool, partnered with the pro keratin cream and serum it is truly a revolutionary service that we know our clients will love!

For more information, please visit one of our yourspacesalons


For more information, please visit us at www.yourspacesalons.ca or call one of our salons


Skincare Q and A

As a first time facial client what results can I expect and what is involved in the treatment?

The first thing you will experience is a total state of relaxation upon entering the serenity of the facial room. You will melt into the comfort of the facial bed and feel cocooned and cozy. Your aesthetician will then review with you any health concerns or allergies you may have to ensure the treatment is customized specifically for you.

The facial steps are as follows:

1.        Surface Cleansing of the skin to remove makeup and impurities.

2.       Deep Cleansing for oilier skin types to remove inlaid sebum.

3.       Exfoliation to remove all the dead cells.

4.       Lotion is applied to treat and hydrate the skin.

5.       Steaming of the skin to open the pores and assist in the elimination of toxins.

6.       Extraction is performed when required to remove blackheads.

7.       Purification product is applied to eliminate bacteria from extraction.

8.       A serum of highly concentrated active ingredients is applied to treat your specific skin condition.

9.        Skin is massaged with treating creams….generally this step puts everyone to sleep!

10.   A mask is applied an left on for 15 minutes or more depending on the skin condition

11.   Mask is removed and a final application of protective treating cream and spf are applied.


What will a facial do for my skin?

A customized facial will target whatever skin conditions are presented. A facial targets the specific skin deficiencies, boosts the skin’s cellular metabolism, provides nourishment and hydration, eliminates redness, expels blackheads, and infuses a highly concentrated percentage of treating actives to intensely increase the overall health and appearance of the skin.

How often should I get a facial treatment?

This varies depending on the intensity of the skin conditions that require treatment. If, for example, there are evident deep lines and wrinkles a series of treatments may be required for one week intervals for 4 weeks. Generally once every 4-6 weeks is recommended.

How do I know what type of facial is best for me?

Your  aesthetician will discuss your skin concerns with you to understand what you wish to improve. She will then analyze your skin under a magnifying lamp to confirm your skin type and conditions and customize a treatment that will perfectly treat your skin’s needs.

How do I maintain my skin after a facial?

Homecare products are essential to keep your skin healthy, radiant and youthful. Salon products contain highly active, scientifically proven ingredients that will target your specific needs. Your aesthetician will give you a prescription at the end of your treatment that will allow your skin to keep improving day after day.


We all feel the same during the long, cold, short days of winter – we long for the warm, sunny days of spring signalling the return of summer.

If you look in the mirror and see a dull, tired, bland complexion and  long for that radiant, healthy, sun kissed look your skin had last summer we can give you a head start!

The first thing needed to bring your skin back to life is to remove the build-up of dead skin cells that has accumulated during the dry winter months.

This build-up on the skin is problematic to your skin’s health and appearance on many levels:

  1. It prohibits the ultimate absorption of the active ingredients in your skincare product since there is a “barrier-like” layer covering the skin.
  2.  The respiration process of your skin is compromised making it look dull since the skin cannot “breathe” properly.
  3. This barrier also restricts your skin from eliminating toxins making the skin appear unhealthy and may even cause breakouts.
  4. The dry flakes on the skin also emphasize fine lines and wrinkles and makes foundation appear “cakey’.

Exfoliation to the rescue! This quick and easy step takes only minutes and will eliminate all those dry, dead skin cells to revive your complexion.

The winter also robs your skin of moisture. Imagine taking a dried sponge and putting a drop of food coloring on it. It will sit on the surface and not penetrate. If the sponge is moist with water and then we add a drop of food coloring you would see it instantly absorb and the color spread throughout the sponge.

Hydration to the rescue! Misting your skin with a hydrating lotion and applying a hydrating serum will not only give your skin the ability to absorb the active ingredients in all your skincare products, but it will restore the life giving moisture your cells require to repair damage, “plump up”, and eliminate fine lines and wrinkles.

Even if winter is still upon us your skin can look like it is spring!

Consult one of our skincare specialists for your personal consultation and product prescription.


Part Two – LET’s TALK COLOUR!!

click here for Part One

Remember that the foundation of color is all about  enhancing skin tone, complimenting your eyes, and  overall suitability (character, clothes ). Color should also give your hair a  healthy shine and improve the texture of your hair. Talk to your stylist about spicing up your color by giving you subtle enhancements that make a huge statement. Use these upcoming trends with this advice in mind and feel free to drop by the salon to talk to our highly trained stylists.

2012 is all about bold colors placed in a more subtle way. In 2011 ombre was very popular but  in 2012 ombre colors will be look more blended creating a more tone on tone look.

Warm colors  will be very strong this year. Adding some copper or golden tones will help warm your skin tone and allow the hair to reflect more light adding tons of shine.

Reds and auburns will be very hot this year. Reds will be very bold with bright and intense tones to create a vibrant contrast. Auburn colors will look more subdued but add intense shine to hair. Auburn colors are great for blondes or brunettes who are looking for a change and its suits a variety of skin tones.

With brunettes its all about adding shine!!! Color glosses will be huge for brunettes who feel their color is feeling a little dull and flat. Demi-permanent glosses can also be used over a permanent color to bring the color back to life.

With blondes, ashy and cool tones will be huge. Adding white or ashy blonde tones to warm or neutral blondes will help break up your color and add contrast. If placed correctly these colors will not effect skin tone for clients who prefer warmer colors. In most cases it will make brown and blue eyes pop.

Gianluca Artistic Director and Trend Reporter for yourspacesalons.ca

Gianluca Conforti is truly an artist who has immersed himself into his career, a stylist who is part of a true hairdressing family complete with their own academy called “Your Space” in which he is a valued member of the core team


One of our Yourspacesalons Artistic Director Stylists gives you the insight into the most important steps to achieving the look that you want.

Being a professional hairstylist and educator, I can tell you that the most important step to achieving the look that you want and that suits you and your lifestyle is to begin your appointment with a HAIR INTERVIEW.

Communication between you and your stylist is the most important part of your appointment.  I encourage all my clients to tell me what is on their mind, what appeals to them in hair and fashion.  Whether my client wants to completely change or simply tweak her look, we always take time to chat about their hair before we begin the appointment.

These are some of the key HAIR INTERVIEW questions I go through with all my clients:

What is your lifestyle?  This is very important for a stylist to know.  A client’s lifestyle and career determines how they wear their hair. How can their hairstyle take them from day to night or from weekdays to weekends?  Do they have a special event coming up?  All relevant and important information.

How healthy is your hair?  As soon as I get a feel of my clients’ hair I can determine the health of their hair.  Healthy hair is very important, especially when doing any colour or texturizing work.

Show me some visuals?  Hairstylists are very visual people.  Showing your hairstylist pictures from a magazine or on your iphone can help your stylist visualize the look you want.

How often do you come to the salon for upkeep?  This is an important question when making changes to your colour or haircut.  Lightening your hair colour or going shorter with your hair will change how often your stylist needs to see you for an appointment.  I always like to inform my clients on when they should return to keep their look as fresh as possible.

Visit www.yourspacesalons.ca for more information on how you can book your complimentary hair interview.

Part One 

As we know history repeats itself, and 2012 is no different with hair. Revival of the 60’s and 70’s will play a strong influence with styles and classic shapes with a modern flare.

Heavy fringes and long sideswept bangs will still be very strong.

In 2012 hair trends will be dominated by hair cuts as opposed to hairstyles in 2011. Letting the haircut be the star of the show will allow more versatility and easier upkeep.

Ombre will still be hot when it comes to color, but it will take a more subtle approach with more tone on tone shades.

Glossy and wet look hair is taking the runways by storm so oils an shine sprays will be a very hot item this year.

Stay tuned as I will take you more in depth into this years hottest looks.

Artistic Director and Trend Reporter for yourspacesalons.ca

About Gianluca 
Gianluca Conforti is truly an artist who has immersed himself into his career, a stylist who is part of a true hairdressing family complete with their own academy called “Your Space” in which he is a valued member of the core team


For all those who have heard the word “SHELLAC” but are unsure of what exactly it is, or how it works, let us fill you in!

Let us begin by telling you that SHELLAC by CND is a life changing service, really!  We have many clients who come weekly for manicures and many have converted to bi-weekly SHELLAC Manicures.

Unlike a traditional manicure, a SHELLAC manicure is done as a dry manicure, this means your hands will not be soaking in a bowl of warm sudsy water.

SHELLAC has created a system of product that will soften cuticle and allow the esthetician to manicure your nails in a very non-traditional way.  It is quite amazing.

BEWARE of nail salons or spas that do not use the entire SHELLAC system of products.  Taking short cuts will not guarantee the finish.  Once your esthetician has manicured your nails the SHELLAC way, you can then choose from many SHELLAC polish colours.  From natural tones to trendy colours like Asphalt.   Once you have been polished you’re free to go (no dry time)!  Your nails will have a Mirror Finish, with a 14-Day Wear.

visit www.yourspacesalons.ca for more informati0n


Repair and Rejuvenate dry, weak or colour treated hair by adding a L’oreal  Powerdose treatment to your  next in salon service.  We like to call them “a dose of love” for your hair……

See what Colin Ford, Director of Education for L’oreal Professionnel has put together for this feature service.


Today there is much confusion in the market about what is best for your hair: a conditioner or a treatment? What are the differences and what are the benefits?

A conditioner is a short term solution and is always suggested after shampooing your hair to restore your hair to feeling soft and silky. Conditioners need to be left on the hair up to 5 minutes to achieve the desired result. They are water soluble thus give a temporary effect which means that every time you shampoo your hair the effect of the conditioner is removed.

Conditioners in general are purely cosmetic and treat the surface and only sometimes the cuticle layer of the hair, making it feel soft to the touch and shiny.

Treatments on the other hand give longer lasting results. They use a strong active ingredient for a specific purpose and have a more profound effect. They always treat the surface of the hair, sometimes treat inside the cuticle layer and very often inside the core or heart of the hair.

Treatments both protect and treat the hair that has been affected by chemical damage from excessive or poorly performed colour services or from mechanical damage caused by excessive heat styling and blow-drying.

Treatments are not only more profound in their action, they also give specific results in a short period of time, they are also water resistant therefore lasting in the hair over a number of shampoos while also having antioxidants which help prevent the fade age in colour treated hair.

With the Powerdoses of SERIE EXPERT the effect of the treatments are instant due to the amazing Molecular Precision technology of the brand. This technology actually allows the treatment to act in all 3 zones of the hair simultaneously, penetrating to the core or heart of the hair where  the protein has been weakened and repairs and strengthens the inner core leaving the hair feeling both healthier and shinier.

visit www.yourspacesalons.ca for more informati0n

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